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    Welcome to Saffron
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Welcome to Saffron. Spices are the keynote of traditional Indian cuisine. Different regions have adopted blends of different spices & herbs to compliment the type of food & climate. From the delicately spiced dishes of the North, to the hot spicy foods of the South, to the great seafood dishes from the coastal regions. In preparing our menu we have included the popular traditional dishes found in most Indian restaurants & some speciality dishes. Each dish has its own distinctive flavour that comes from selected herbs & spices which have to be separately prepared for each dish.

Our menu is lightly seasoned to appeal to all but can be 'spiced' up on request. If any of your favourite dishes are not listed in our menu please do not hesitate to ask, we will cook up whatever you desire. We have earned rave reviews and awards for our efforts to bring you the best from the Indian sub-continent, including such esteemed prizes as the MasterChef Gold Award and 4-Star Good Food Guide & Customer Excellence Awards Winner. As well as these acclaimed awards we have been recognised for our basic principles.

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